Curriculum Vitae


Stellasue Lee, Ph.D.

818 430-7844


Winner of the grand prize in Poetry To Aide 2013 by Humanity Al Falah in Malaysia

Entrant for a Pulitzer Prize, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 2010, firecracker RED

The Poet And The Poem, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., Grace Cavaliere, Host,   

  April, 2003, Special Recognition for Excellence in Print

Entrant for a Pulitzer Prize, Columbia University, New York, N.Y, 2000, Crossing The Double 

             Yellow Line

California Writer’s Association, Poet of the Month, Los Angeles, California, Bette Freeman, 

President, August, 1991

Board of Library Commissioners, Community Outreach Service: Adult Storytelling, Los Angeles, 

California, Tom Bradley, Mayor, October 24, 1990

President of Women Writer’s West, Los Angeles, California, 1989/1990


Tennessee Mountain Writers 32nd Annual Conference, April 2020

Art & Soul Writers Workshop, Nashville, TN January 25, 2014

Blue Ridge Writers Conference, Blue Ridge GA; April, 2014

Centrum Writers’ Conference, Port Townsend WA; July, 2012

Blue Ridge Writers Conference, Blue Ridge GA; March, 2012

Spring Hill Arts Center Writers’ Conference, Spring Hill, TN; September, 2011

Blushing Sky Writers’ conference, Detroit, MI, October, 2011

Youth in Action Conference, Columbia, TN: March, 2010

Marin Poetry Center Writer’s Conference, Marin, CA; April, 2003

Whidbey Island Writers Conference, Whidbey Island, WA; March, 2002

Wrightwood Writers’ Retreat, Wrightwood, CA; February, 2002

Walloon Writers’ Retreat, Walloon, MI;  September, 2001

Walloon Writer’s Retreat, Walloon, MI; September, 2000

Maryland Writers’ Annual Conference, Linthicum Heights, Maryland; May, 2000

Passaic County Poetry Center, Patterson, NJ; March, 2000

Island Muse Writers’ Conference, Cook Island, FL; March, 1996

Wrightwood Writers’ Retreat, Wrightwood, CA; February, 1995


Nashville State University, March 3, 2015, Interviewer: Class of Dale Rogers

Spring Hill Informer, Nashville TN, Melissa Overton, Editor, Interviewer: Mary Ann Weakley,

August 1, 2011

Margie, The American Journal Of Poetry, Chesterfield, Missouri, Robert Nazarene, Editor, Karla Huston, 

Interviewer, Volume 2, 2004

Cortland Review, New York, New York, J. M. Spalding, Editor, J. M. Spalding, Interviewer, Summer, 

Issue#3, 1998   

Poet’s Market, Cincinnati, Ohio, Publisher, F & W. Publications, Chantelle Bentley, Editor, Chantelle 

Bentley, Interviewer, 2000


Books In Print

Queen of Jacks, New & Selected Poems, Bombshelter Press, Los Angeles, California, 2019

Our Father, Cardinal House Publishing, Nashville, Tennessee, 2015

firecracker RED, Cardinal House Publishing, Spring Hill, Tennessee, 2010

Crossing The Double Yellow Line, Bombshelter Press, Los Angeles, California, 2000

13 Los Angeles Poets, Bombshelter Press, Los Angeles, California, 1998

After I Fall, Bombshelter Press, Los Angeles, California, 1991

Over To You, Bombshelter Press, Los Angeles, California, 1991 

Anthology Publications 

After Shocks: The Poetry of Recovery for Life-Shattering Events, Sante Lucia Books, Atlanta, Georgia, 

Tom Lombardo, Editor 


“Change of Season”

“Out of Nowhere”

Blood Pudding, Duck Luck Publications, Los Angeles, California, 

B. Lynne Zika, Editor 


“The Wind”

                        “The Comb”

“The Day After”

                        “Mating Call”




Cultural Weekly, Los Angeles, California

Chiwan Choi, Editor

May 3, 2012

“ Purity”

Filtered through Time, Counsel for the Written Word, Williamson County, TN

S.R. Lee, Editor


“How to Hold Your Arms When You’re in Love”

“My Alexandria”

Fre&D, Bambaz Press, Featured Poet

Bambi Here, Editor


“Standing in Front of Marilyn Monroe’s Crypt, Westwood California”

“Beyond the Paddock, Stable, Ring”

“South on I65, Take the Lewisburg Pike Turn Off”

“While Setting the Table”

“Valley Through the Hill”

L.A. Woman Literaturvon, vei den Autorinnen, Christel Ivo, Frankfurt, Germany, 

Joan Jobe Smith, Editor 


“Nachruf Fur Einen Exmann” 

MIPOesias , Didi Menedes Publisher, Charleston, SC 

Grace Cavalieri, Editor


“Dutch Masters”

News From Inside, Hand Maid Books, Los Angeles, California, 

Estrellita Mendez, Editor 



                        “One Night In The Life Of A Poet”

Raising The Roof, Habitat for Humanity, Riverside, California, 

Jo Scott, Editor 


“Into That Black Night”

So Luminous The Wildflowers, Tebot Bach Publications, Huntington Beach, California, 

Paul Suntup, Editor


“Without Looking Back”

Sounding Off, Women Writers West, Santa Monica, California, 

Rita White, Editor 


“Morning On The Sound”

Voices From The Valley, Blessings, Hazel Street Publications, Winnetka, California, 

Cara Alson, Editor 


“Along, with Children”

“And Then They Drove to Brazil”

“ Pictures”

“Last Dance”

We Used To Be Wives, Fithian Press, Santa Barbara, California, 

Jane Butkin Roth, Editor 



“My Name is Stellasue”

Women And Death, Ground Torpedo Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 

Jess of the Genesee, and Dorian Arana, Editors


“Last Dance”

Literary Journal Publications 

American Journal of Poetry, Chesterfield, Missouri

Robert Nazarene, Editor in Chief

Volume one, June, 2016


“Reading the Stars”

Animus, Sheltering Pines Press, Kennebunk, Main, 

Bruce Spang, Guest Editor 

Winter, 2003

“How To Hold Your Arms When You Are In Love”

Cedar Hill Review, Cedar Hill Publications, Mena, Arkansas, 

Maggie Jaffe, Editor

Fall, 2000 

“Listen, Please Listen”

Fall, 1999 

“Letter To M.L. Liebler”

Connecticut Review, Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut, 

Vivian Shipley, Editor 

Spring, 2007


“Empty Drawers”

Spring, 2003

“To The Living”

“Life Cycle” 

Spring, 2012

“Grief: a Great Sadness, Especially as a Result of a Death…”


Cortland Review, New York, New York, 

J. M. Spalding, Editor 

Summer, 1998

“Ah Men”

Winter, 1999

“When My Wife Returns”

“James Bond Beach”

Carnegie Writers’ Group; Nashville, TN

Oluwakemi Elufiede, M.Ed, Editor

November 22, 2014

“Connecting the Dots” (essay)

Chapter 16, Nashville, TN

Maria Browning, Editor

“Letter to My Mother Whom I Blamed for Absolutely Everything”

Cultural Weekly; Los Angeles, CA,

Adam Zelpzig, Editor

May 3, 2012


Herman Literary Review, The Herman Review, Los Angeles, California, 

Rick Bursky, Editor 




Inertia Magazine, Inertia Online Publication, Brooklyn, New York, 

John Spaulding, Editor 



Inky Blue, Inky Blue Publication, Comptche, California, 

Cat Spydell, Editor, 

Summer, 1991



Margie, The American Journal Of Poetry, Chesterfield, Missouri, 

Robert Nazarene, Editor 


“A Documentary On Morning” 

Ol’ Chanty-Chanticleer Magazine, Scotland, UK, Richard Livermore, Editor

Issue #7


“After a 500 Year Floor”

“Children Are Not Supposed To die Before Their Parents”

“Old Age”

“Drinking From The Many Ricers of Hades”


Issue # 11


“A Continues Spectrum of Color

Issue # 18




Issue # 22


“Ode to Broken Bones”

Issue # 27


“Reading the Stars”

“Theory of Flux”

On Target, On Target Publication, Hollywood, California, 

Anderson Stone, Editor 


           “Facing Facts”




“North On 101”



“At Twenty-Two”

                     “Foreign Soil”

Onthebus, Bambaz Press/ Bombshelter Press, Los Angeles, California

Bambi Here, Editor

Issue #23, 2018


“September Can Be the Very Best Month”

“After a Thousand Tragedies”

“What I’ve Never Told Anyone”

“A Prediction of Armageddon”

Issue #24, 2020


“Front Porch Sitting”

Onthebus, Bombshelter Press, Los Angeles, California, 

Jack Grapes, Editor

Issue #16, 2006

“I Get Down On My Hands and Knees” 

Issue #15, 1999


“Obituary for an Ex-Husband”

“Gifts for the Moon”

Issue #14, 1996 


Issue # 12, 1994



Issue #13, 1994

“The Earthquake”

                    “Passing Without”

Issue #10 & 11, 1993


                        “A Wall Through Woods On Hood Canal”

            Issue #8 & 9, 1992



Issue # 6 & 7, 1991                

“Old Woman”

                        “Just Dreaming”

                        “Out Door Men”

Issue # 5, 1990                     

“Adding Things Up”

Psaltery and Lyre, Washington,

Dayna Patterson, Editor

February 12, 2018


Paterson Literary Review, Passaic County Community College, Patterson, New Jersey, 

Maria Mazziotti Gillan, Editor

Issue #35, 2008

“Loose-Limbed And Weeping”

Issue #29, 2006

 “This Day”

“James Bond Beach”

Pearl, Pearl Publication, Long Beach, California, 

Marilyn Johnson, Editor

Issue #31, 2002

“Children, In Praise of…”

Issue #29, 2001

“Ask Me”

Poetrybay, Long Island Quarterly, Northport, New York, 

George Wallace, Editor,


“Change of Season” 

Quercus Review, Department of English, Modesto Junior College, Modesto, California, 

San Pierstorff, Editor

Issue 8, 2008 

“My Alexandria”

 Issue 2, 2002

“An Elaborate Hope” 

Rattle, A Frieda Fox Foundation Publication, Studio City, California, 

Alan C. Fox, Publisher 

Issue #25, 2006

                       “Connecting the Dots” (essay) 

Issue #5, 1996                                

“Ah Men”

Issue #4, 1995,


Red Brick Review, The Writing Program, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, 

Sean Thomas Dougherty, Publisher

Issue #6, 2001

“I told Him My Name Was Amelia.”

Sheila-Na-Gig, Sheila-Na-Gig Publication, Torrance, California, 

Hayley Mitchell Haugen and David Hernandez, Editors

1999, Issue #13


“Do It”

Spillway, Bombshelter Press Publication, Huntington Beach, California, 

Mifanwy Kaiser, Editor 


“Winter Song”


“My Name Is Stellasue”


“Woman, 1933”

                        “On The Sound”    








Sulphur River Literary Review, Sulphur River Publication, Austin, Texas, 

James Michael Robbins, Editor

Volume XVII, 2001

“When My Wife Returns” 

“Gifts for the Moon”

Terminus, Terminus Publication, Atlanta, Georgia, 

Mike Dockins, Editor

Issue #3, 2003

“About Attachments”

The American Journal of Poetry, Chasterfield, Missouri

Robert Nazarene, Editor-in-Chief

Issue 1, June, 2016

“Between Life and Loss”

“Reading the Stars”

The Más Tequila Review, Albuquerque, New Mexico,

Richard Vargas, Editor

Issue #2, 2011

“Lost As A Hunter Home From The Hill”

“Flying At Night Without A Moon”

Issue #5, Summer, 2012

“Darkly, I Enter the Ring”

“After the War”

“Dutch Masters”

Issue #9, Summer, 2014

“While Setting the Table”

“Her Honey-Bunch, Gum-Drop, Sweetie-Pie Is Gone”

Voices, Golden West College, Huntington Beach, California, 

Michael Goodman, Editor

Issue #5, 1994

“This Life”

                        “Journal Entry 6/29/93, 6:15 a.m.”

Issue #4, 1993                             

“North, On 101”

                        “Red Corvette”

                        “The Queen of Jacks”

                         “The Last Dance”        


Issue #3, 1992                             

“Free-Fall Into Trust”


Vol. No., Vol. No. Magazine, Newhall, California, 

Donald McLeod, Coordinating Editor

Issue # 24, 1998

“No Way Has Yet Been Invented To Say Goodbye”

“Things My Father Said”


Ph.D., Literature

Honolulu University, Honolulu, Hawaii

BA, Literature

Honolulu University, Honolulu, Hawaii 

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